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We Use Non-Linear Neurofeedback to Train the Brain Not the Mind

The more we study the brain, the more it reveals how inextricable it is from the body. Your brain holds enormous sway over the way your body operates. At Brainwaves, we use non-linear neurofeedback training to help Tulsa, OK clients gain control over their brains. Non-linear neurofeedback may help “reset” the brain, training and honing it to deal with the stressors of everyday life, sharpen mental acuity for the boardrooms, improvement for the student who can’t concentrate, help the brain manage someone with depression and anxiety or even gain a competitive edge in athletic competition.


Discover the Benefits of Non-Linear Neurofeedback Brain Training in Tulsa

Non-Linear Neurofeedback training offers numerous advantages you can use to build a better version of you. It is 100% safe and completely non-invasive. The benefits of non-linear neurofeedback training may include:

  • Help the brain manage people with head injuries, Alzheimer’s Disease, autism, depression and anxiety, OCD, PTSD, ADHD and much more. While non-linear neurofeedback training doesn’t cure the condition causing your issues, it does train your brain to cope with them more effectively.
  • Non-linear Neurofeedback may help the brain manage depression or anxiety, allowing your brain to be calm and be able to more appropriately deal with life’s daily stressors.
  • Offering a tool for your brain to manage cognitive decline as you age such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.
  • Non-linear neurofeedback assistance may help your brain and improve your grades. Whether you’re in middle school or starting freshman year of high school, or maybe you are just entering senior year and applying for colleges or you’re gearing up to start your first semester at KU, non-linear neurofeedback training may allow your brain to be optimized, possibly boosting your performance.

We Offer Sliding Scale Payments for Qualifying Clients

We believe each of our clients and Tulsa, OK residents as a whole deserve to live happy and productive lives. We’re true believers in non-linear neurofeedback, and we want to make sure you have access to our services. That’s why we’re proud to offer a sliding scale for lower income clients. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Retrain Your Brain with Neurofeedback!