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Brain Training in Tulsa, OK

Many of our clients often don’t realize that our brains require exercise as well. Just as you go to yoga class twice a week to keep your body limber, you should do exercises that keep your brain in shape. Non-linear neurofeedback brain training provides assistance to Tulsa, OKclients that helps them hone their ability to focus, aids them in sharpening their creativity and helps to manage the symptoms of mental illnesses. Training your brain is vitally important, so why place less importance on it than you do on the rest of your body?

older man smiles at his young daughter

Non-Linear Dynamic Neurofeedback Trains Better Brains

Non-linear dynamic neurofeedback is a form of neurofeedback that offers a wealth of advantages over traditional neurofeedback systems. As technology has evolved, so has our ability to effectively target a wide range of issues and help our clients. The benefits of non-linear dynamic neurofeedback include:

  • It doesn’t try to cure or root out specific issues, avoiding scenarios where one problem led to others elsewhere.
  • The system understands the complex nature of your brain, whereas others don’t.
  • It is completely safe. Not only that, it is non-invasive and drug free.
  • The method leverages the innate power of your brain only to resolve issues.
  • You don’t need to participate actively. The passive nature of the system makes it highly effective.

We Offer a Sliding Scale Pay Rate to Qualifying Clients

We believe all our clients deserve the benefits non-linear dynamic neurofeedback offers. From helping the brain manage dementia to ADHD brain training, Tulsa, OKresidents can rely on us for highly-effective brain training at affordable rates. We offer a sliding scale pay rate to clients who qualify, so be sure to ask our staff if you do. Contact us today to get started.

Retrain Your Brain with Neurofeedback!