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Come to Us for Non-Linear Neurofeedback in Tulsa, OK

While the theory that forms the basis for non-linear neurofeedback has existed for quite a while, technology has only recently caught up with it. This enables Brainwaves to provide highly-effective neurofeedback training to Tulsa clients. Non-linear neurofeedback helps the brain manage things like ADHD, Severe Depression or Anxiety, OCD and many more. While it doesn’t substitute for treatment to the underlying condition, it does allow your brain to deal with it. Moreover, non-linear neurofeedback training is entirely non-invasive.

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We Use Non-Linear Neurofeedback Training to Meet Your Goals and Set a Course to Optimization

First, we gather any relevant information and build a complete picture of who you are and to know you a little bit better. From there, we speak to you about what you wish to accomplish or what your goals are. Clients with hyper activity have told trainers that they want increased focus so they can get through the day. Individuals who become anxious a lot might desire a better way to deal with their anxious feelings. Whatever the reasons, our trainers will allow the non-linear neurofeedback to train your brain towards complete optimization, safely and naturally without drugs or surgery.

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We Deliberately Monitor Your Central Nervous System

It is important that you are relaxed during the procedure. Your relaxed state will be periodically interrupted with mild scratching noise, which tells your central nervous system there is “wobble” or “turbulence” within the brain. These interruptions allow your brain to self adjust or self-correct allowing the brain to become more focused and optimized safely and naturally.

We Advise You On How Many Sessions You Undergo

How many non-linear neurofeedback sessions you undergo depends largely on couple factors, including the nature of your goals and how quickly your brain responds to the training sessions. In other words, clients who have suffered from an inefficient unfocused brain for 20 years might need more sessions than a client who has recently begun experiencing these issues. We offer single session prices, in addition to six, ten, twenty, and thirty-session packages. We offer financial flexibility to clients who qualify, so be sure to ask our office about our financing plans.

Retrain Your Brain with Neurofeedback!