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Success Stories

At this point, we have literally thousands of testimonials for Non-Linear Dynamical Neurofeedback, and there is no reasonable way to share all of them. In this section, we are offering a small cross-section of real-life stories collected.

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An Autistic woman, after three sessions, can better construct sentences, expresses her desires, danced at a party, she helps her mother make cakes, embraces people (which she never did before). At home, she used to eat nothing and drank nothing, and now she drinks orange juice.

An eleven-year-old boy came with huge problems at school; he was shy and the other kids were teasing him. He had big attention deficit problems. With Non-Linear Neurofeedback, he became an attentive, self-confident and good student. Immense progress for him and for his parents.

55-year-old woman off work for about a year feeling permanently bad, tears would come very quickly. She did not want to go out, she took antidepressants for a while but stopped because she would get too “lost and muddy” with them. She would like to go back to work but can not, too tired, too susceptible…..After a few sessions of neurofeedback, she started going out with her friends, organizes dinners at home, lost a little weight without great efforts and told me she feels good. She returned to work after 8 sessions!

At the moment we only use Non-Linear Neurofeedback for our grandson Dylan, (8 years old) who has ADHD/Minimal Brain Dysfunction. He was the main reason we chose to get started with the equipment. Dylan’s sessions are twice a week and after 20 sessions we do see progress! He now starts to write and read. Furthermore, maybe most important; he learns to control his temper/anger.

A woman 80 years of age told me; “For 40 years I woke up on the left foot…..Now I start my day with full of energy and optimism. It’s great”

A woman how had been depressed for a number of years because of her fibromyalgia condition and often would spend the day in bed and then be up most of the night. Really struggling with life and was overweight. She now functions during the day, is holding down a part-time job, has more energy around the home and is now thinking of starting a weight loss program and thinking of trying for a family. The husband is now also training with me.

My sister, admitted to the hospital on 2 accounts for depression and anxiety, did 45 sessions of neurofeedback, is now off all meds and no depression

Older male with long term Lyme symptoms (cognitive along with malaise, difficulty getting along with family/wife) after 20 plus sessions reported much clearer thinking, big improvement in relationship with family/wife able to take on tasks that required physical strength, able to work with computer (made his living in the IT business)

12-year-old girl, depressed, dealing with really mean girls at school and trying to find friends she likes to be around. After 5 sessions and counseling, she started to stick up for herself, grades improved and started to make friends that were supportive and fun to be around.

A 55-year-old male came to me with PTSD, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)/Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and Major Depressive Disorder. His PTSD resolved after about three months of neurofeedback training. His symptoms completely abate after a Non-Linear Neurofeedback session. He has also reported that his diabetic neuropathic pain resolves with the Neurofeedback sessions.

A girl with autistic signs opened her mind after about 7 trainings. At first, she was just staring at the monitor, no reactions when the film was funny. At the end of her trainings, she was giggling and showing reactions and started talking to me.

80-year-old man diagnosed with Parkinson’s 6 years ago. Walked hunched short steps and shuffling. Speech was difficult and he had trouble buttoning his shirt. After the 1st session, he changed his position more straight and walks well. It is spectacular; his wife cannot believe it! The improvement is fantastic since then his life has changed as well as his family.

Retrain Your Brain with Neurofeedback!