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We Offer Potent Brain Training to Tulsa Residents

At Brainwaves, we understand the power of a flexible and potent brain. There’s much we don’t understand about how the brain works. But one thing we do understand is the relationship between your brain, your state-of-mind, and the quality of life you enjoy. Minds are remarkably resilient organs. They possess hidden depths and capabilities. Even if you have focus issues that make it hard to make it through the day, or you’re experiencing the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s, the brain still has the ability to adapt and allow you to live a fruitful and productive life. Non-linear neurofeedback is essentially a form of brain training that Tulsa, OK residents can use to help sharpen their cognitive function, and it provides superior benefits compared to other brain training methods.

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We Avoid the Pitfalls of Inferior Neurofeedback Systems

Non-linear neurofeedback isn’t a new technique, but there are several varieties. Some, like linear neurofeedback, pose distinct disadvantages that impede the progress clients make while undergoing the training. For instance:

  • These systems use a snapshot of your state-of-mind and use that as a baseline for your assistance. Unfortunately, this method leads to inaccurate results and is time-consuming and expensive.
  • Linear Neurofeedback systems require a diagnosis by a medical practitioner. The practitioner then uses frequencies that attempt to cure the illness. But this method often creates more problems than it solves.
  • These techniques require weeks, and even months, of tinkering to yield results. Neither you or the practitioner will know the process is working until you are months into the process. Due to the nature of non-linear neurofeedback, you’ll feel results much quicker.

We’ve Harnessed the Power of the Brain

So how is non-linear neurofeedback different? First of all, we do not attempt to diagnose you. Non-linear neurofeedback understands that it cannot cure whatever issues are affecting you. Instead, the system is designed to provide the brain with important data about what it has just done. The brain then adapts and reconfigures itself. Over time, this back and forth begins to realign how the brain reacts to stimuli. The conversation between the system and the brain is seamless and highly-effective, and unlike other systems, non-linear neurofeedback does not over-train your mind, making it the most effective method of brain training available to Tulsa, OK residents.

Retrain Your Brain with Neurofeedback!